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We love pets, as we know you do. Our pets are part of the family. Please keep dogs with you on a leash, clean up after them, and do not leave them unattended.

Dogs can swim at the lake, roam our fields with you, explore a few trails through our wooded spaces, and run free in our 10,000 square foot enclosed dog park.

Hiking Together

1. Big Lake RV - lake front, open fields, and
     wooded spaces to explore.

2. Downeast Lakes Land Trust - miles of
     trails to explore.

3. Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge -
     extensive trails to explore.

4. Calais Walkway - 1.5 mile one way beside 
     St. Croix River.


If your pet should require veterinary
care while you are with us. There are
three local options.

Routine care - mobile appointments
scheduled in advance at
5 Stones Veterinary Services

Problems - appointments as available at
Little River Veterinary Clinic

Emergency Care - afterhours and weekends
Eastern Maine Emergency Vet Clinic


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