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Reflections on Big Lake

Reflections on Big Lake: My January Walk

whitetail deer in snow

On a relaxed January day , you think about all kinds of things: some old, some new, some practical, and some fanciful.

As the extremely excited owners of a new RV park and campground in Big Lake Township, Maine, we want to share experiences with the wonderful guests we hosted in 2023 and all the friends we will meet in the future. We’re grateful that our campground is drawing the attention of people who appreciate a quiet place to relax and recharge at a historic farm on Big Lake (Maine’s 11th largest lake with over 10,000 square acres).

Our posts will look at our life on the farm, the campground construction, at what we’re doing on the farm during the off season, or at topics on RVing and camping in our area of Maine. You will become acquainted with myself, Wesla, my husband, Mark, and our son, Weston.

Today, I took a walk while it was lightly snowing to visit Mark who was making picnic tables in his (unheated!) work area. He has many completed and they are a satisfying piece of the park. Mark harvested the cedar trees from our land, milled them into planks, cut them to length, and planed them smooth. I get the pleasure of completing the final step when they get a coat of stain and are put into service.

After checking in with Mark, I noticed two whitetail deer out browsing in the field. They look fat and healthy this winter. I took a moment to examine the banking (balsam fir tips) we had placed around the electric pedestals and water hookups to prevent them from being lifted and possibly damaged by the winter freeze/thaw cycles. They all seem to be intact and we’ll know the benefit of our work in the spring. 

Eventually, I circled back around to our cozy home and an old idea - comfort food with family and friends. We sat down to homemade baked beans, bread and coleslaw - a Saturday evening tradition in Downeast Maine and one we’ve adopted for our own.


Jan 28

Some of my favorite comfort foods in one of my favorite places!

Wesla Ranalli
Wesla Ranalli
Jan 29
Replying to

You can't go wrong with good food shared with family and friends.

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